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In a world of social media and new technology, an unsuspecting scientist has unwittingly brought 6 people, all from different timelines, into this modern world...

Each character has woken up to find a new, more modern name for themselves to use on a new social media site: Grumgle, where they can post statuses and share things like they can on other, bigger social media sites. No one knows who each other are, and as much fun as it would be to find that out, finding out who the Scientist is far more important. Not a single person is happy with being pulled out of their respective timelines so suddenly...

Published Feb 06, 2017
CategoryPhysical game

Install instructions

Print and play. There are game instructions and 3 different sets of cards (all to be used in the game)


Game Instructions.pdf 287 kB
Name Cards doc.pdf 458 kB
Status Cards.pdf 5 MB
Character Type Cards.pdf 365 kB