A downloadable game

This game is a somewhat long, cooperative Tabletop RPG/Simulation in which an Author is attempting to write a novel with uncooperative Characters who want to write their own story.

This game is for about 6 players, though a few more and a few less should also work (this is not a 2 player game). It is recommended that everyone meet up before playing the game in order to set up.

Install instructions

Download, print and play instructions. You may need scissors if you want to print out Influence Tokens.

The actual instructions contain a Card Reference Page, a Story Sheet, an Important Events Sheet, and a Timeline Page. Each game only needs one of each of these, and the Timeline is optional.

The Character Sheet and the Influence Tokens should be printed as needed (separate documents). Influence Tokens are provided to print and cut out but are not required if a substitute is preferred (poker chips, coins, etc.).


Author vs Character.pdf 1 MB
Character Sheet.pdf 575 kB
Influence Tokens.pdf 72 kB